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September 2013 - Huddersfield Examiner

Article in the Huddersfield Examiner - Sept 2013 Mother of two Jaime O'Connor notched up a first when she appeared on TV's Dragons' Den. When she demonstrated her innovative oven protection product to the high-powered panellists, they were wildly enthusiastic... Read More »

November 2012 - Dragons Den Appearance

2012 Dragons Den Testimonials

Dragons Den Comments

  • Dragons Den - Duncan


    Congratulations, keep going you have done so well.

  • Dragons Den - Hilliry


    I will definitely be buying one for my Aga oven, you have done remarkably well, I hope you go on to make it a huge success you really do deserve it.

  • Dragons Den - Theo


    You have developed something, you have taken it to market, you have sold it, you have got interest from abroad. You know what, there are times when we don’t invest and we really do wish to see someone become incredibly successful and your one of them.

  • Dragons Den - Debra


    This is the first time ever!! that all of us dragons love the product but will not be investing because you have done everything and there is nothing we can add! We wish you all the best for the future.

  • Dragons Den - Peter


    I don’t feel there is any value that I could add, as you have already done it all, keep going well done.

January 2012 - Winner of The Young Entrepreneur Award

2012 Business Excellence Award Winner The 2012 Business Excellence Awards have announced Jaime O'Connor as the Winner for this year's The Young Entrepreneur Award. Jaime O'Connor is one of the few UK/European winners. Read More »

January 2012 - Halifax Courier Feature

Halifax Courier Magazine The Oven Door Shield Company is looking for guidance on how to move the business forward and hopefully the Business Accelerators’ mentors will be able to do that. Read More »

January 2012 - Local Business Accelerators

Local Business Accelerators The Oven Door Shield Company has been selected as one of the three winners of the Local Business Accelerators competition. Read More »

January 2012 - 2012 Business Excellence Award Finalist

2012 Business Excellence Award Finalist The 2012 Business Excellence Awards have announced the finalists for this year's competition. The Oven Door Shield Company is one of the few UK/European finalists. The names of Business Excellence Award winners will be announced at the awards dinner in the United Kingdom on January 21. Read More »

October 2011 - Halifax Courier Business Awards 2011

Halifax Courier Awards The Oven Door Shield has been short listed for the Entrepreneur of the Year at Halifax Business Courier Awards 2011. The two main sponsors for the event are Chadwick Lawrence LLP and Lloyds Banking Group who have both been involved in previous years. Read More »

August 2011 - Yorkshire Post

Yorkshire Post Jaime gets her hands dirty to help everybody else Mother of two Jaime O’Connor got fed up of cleaning her oven door and so she invented a labour-saving device which is now being stocked in stores across the country. Read More »

August 2011 - Huddersfield Examiner

Huddersfield Examiner Southowram mum’s invention to tackle kitchen chore A BUSY mother-of-two has come up with a revolutionary invention which could signal the end of one kitchen chore keeping the oven door clean. Read More »

August 2011 - Metro

metro Mother comes up with solution for keeping oven doors clean. A mother's simple invention could signal the end of every cook's least-loved job - keeping the oven door clean. Read More »

July 2011 - The Mirror

the mirror - shop talk MUM of two Jaime O'Connor got fed up with having to clean her glass oven door after doing a roast dinner, so she invented a wash 'n' go cover. Jaime, 34, of Halifax, West Yorks, came up with The Oven Door Shield. After cooking, just take it off, wash it and pop it back on. Ingenious! The Oven Door Shield is available for £19.99 at Lakeland stores and also available at Read More »

March 2011 - Housewares Magazine

housewares magazine Designed for new and newly-cleaned cookers, the Oven Door Shield is designed to protect the inside of the oven door and keep it clean. The shield consists of a slim piece of specially-made mesh fabric, which fits inside the oven door. A narrow flap loops over the door, held in place with a childproof I'm Cooking badge, which also acts as a reminder that there is food in the oven. There is also a smaller version in an opaque fabric for Aga cookers.

February/March 2011 - AGA Living

aga living Kitchen designer Jaime O'Connor and her husband, AGA service engineer Dale have come up with a novel way to keep oven doors clean and sparkling. Their heat-resistant and washable shield consists of a slim piece of specially made fabric that fits inside the oven door and works to protect the back of the door from splashes of fat created when cooking. It also has a narrow flap which loops over the door with a childproof badge to remind cooks when they have something in the oven. The shield comes in sizes to fit all single and double AGA ovens and can be fitted in seconds.

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