Magic Oven Cleaner

Currently Unavailable

About Magic Oven Cleaner:

  • Simple to use
  • No Scrubbing required
  • Powerful gel formula
  • Removes baked-on fat with total ease
  • Simply paint on and wipe off
  • Odour free, no ventilation required
  • Rapid results
  • Suitable for Enamel
  • Gloves and brush included 

How it Works:

Magic Oven Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent that cleans the grime and dirt off your oven without the need to scrub or scrap, simply paint on with the brush supplied and leave on anything between 10mins-3 hours and watch the dirt wipe straight off without leaving any pungent aromas.

Magic Oven Cleaner is for use on most Oven types, BBQ's, pans & grills, oven trays, oven Interiors, wire shelves, stainless steel, enamel & glass.  This gel removes the most baked on stains with ease and will leave your oven & accessories looking like new! 


Magic Oven Cleaner
  • Magic Oven Cleaner
  • Magic Oven Cleaner

Dragons Den Comments

  • Dragons Den - Duncan


    Congratulations, keep going you have done so well.

  • Dragons Den - Hilliry


    I will definitely be buying one for my Aga oven, you have done remarkably well, I hope you go on to make it a huge success you really do deserve it.

  • Dragons Den - Theo


    You have developed something, you have taken it to market, you have sold it, you have got interest from abroad. You know what, there are times when we don’t invest and we really do wish to see someone become incredibly successful and your one of them.

  • Dragons Den - Debra


    This is the first time ever!! that all of us dragons love the product but will not be investing because you have done everything and there is nothing we can add! We wish you all the best for the future.

  • Dragons Den - Peter


    I don’t feel there is any value that I could add, as you have already done it all, keep going well done.

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